2017-May-23: PROS Industry Forum 2017
When: November 6-8, 2017
Where: Fort Walton Beach, FL

2017-May-18: Terms and Conditions updated.
Section 1, Page 1 - removal of reference to 'Special Instructions for Bidding'
Section 4, Page 3 - Under 'For Supply'
Changing from - Supporting documentation and photographs of all items ready to ship that are New Surplus, Over Hauled or Serviceable condition;
to - Supporting documentation and photographs of all items ready to ship;
Section 6, Page 4 -paragraph 2 and Page 5 - paragraph 4 - Correction reference from IMDS to IMDG.
All other Terms and Conditions shall remain unchanged

2017-May-01: Terms and Conditions updated.
In the PROS V Terms and Conditions, a typo was found under Section B on page 11, whereby a clause was listed as 252.246-870 Contractor Liability for Loss and Damage. This is not a valid DFAR clause and is being removed and replaced with the correct applicable clause 252.247-7016 now inserted on Page 12. All other Terms and Conditions remain unchanged.

2017-Apr-05: Vendor registration begins.
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2017-Mar-14: Two new documents to review.
Located at bottom left of this page.

2017-Mar-13: We're nearly ready... Are you?
Registration opens soon!
Please check back later.

Welcome to the PROS 5 Website

S&K Aerospace is the prime contractor supporting the Parts and Repair Ordering System (PROS) procurement vehicle managed by the Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC). PROS supports our Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers' logistics requirements to provide critical mission service to our Allies. In the 6th generation of PROS (PROS 5), the program remains a tri-service effort supporting FMS customers through procurement and maintenance for a wide range of nonstandard and hard to support standard items. In additional to providing critical Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages assets to our customers, PROS 5 offers a unique contracting vehicle for specialized engineering and technical services through individual task orders.

In close coordination with our highly valued qualified vendor base, S&K Aerospace and PROS 5 is committed to delivering innovation to propel the PROS Program to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Please read the following three documents prior to registration:
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