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Freight Forwarders
We will continue to monitor all notifications received for any freight forwarder closures related to COVID-19. Please be sure to reach out to your FF to ensure deliveries are shipped/received during their operating hours. Please send all COVID-19 impacts, questions and/or concerns to PROS Management: Thank you.

Task Order Opportunities
Starting immediately, Request for Proposals for Task Orders will be posted to the Other Opportunities page. Instructions are provided on how to submit the complete proposals.

Additional OUSD Guidance - COVID 19
Attachments can be found on the PROS V Bid Board.

Freight Forwarders
In accordance with local government directives, the following Freight Forwarders are closed due to COVID-19 until further notice: Geva Logistics Inc (New York). Please make sure you hold all out-going shipments at your location or SOS/SOR for PROS orders that are being shipped to these identified locations until further notice. We will continue to monitor all notifications received for any closures related to COVID-19. If additional storage costs apply, we ask that you notify the S&K PROS Management Team immediately in order for us to coordinate with the end user and the USG. Please send all COVID-19 impacts, questions and/or concerns to PROS Management: Thank you.

S&K COVID-19 Notification Document
S&K Aerospace is closely monitoring the potential impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on existing orders under the PROS IV and V contract, which includes suppliers that provide manufacturing, repair and/or logistic activities. Please see the attached document on the PROS V Bid Board. and respond immediately if there are potential impacts from COVID-19 to your business, supply chain or sub-tier suppliers, deliverables and/or schedule.

Revised PROS V T&Cs – Revision 4
S&K Aerospace is hereby giving notice that an updated Revision 4 of the PROS V Program Standard Terms and Conditions will be posted to the PROS V Bid Board immediately and will be effective and implemented March 23, 2020 for all PROS V issued Supply and Repair awards made from this day forward. Specific attention should be directed to Section 2 – DPAS rating; Section 5 - sub-part - supporting documentation; Section 6 – Warranty (specifically addressing SDR claims); Section 10 – Invoicing – (specifically addressing failure to submit correct Vendor Invoice Package within 12 months of shipment); Section 11 – Supply Deficiency Reports; Section 13 – TINA requirements; Section 24 – Communication with US Government; Section 26 – Direct Claims towards the US Government; Section 27 – Debarment and Anti-Lobbying; Definitions section. All approved PROS Vendors should read and become familiar with these changes.

Welcome to the PROS V Website

S&K Aerospace is the prime contractor supporting the Parts and Repair Ordering System (PROS) procurement vehicle managed by the Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC). PROS supports our Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers' logistics requirements to provide critical mission service to our Allies. In the 6th generation of PROS (PROS V), the program remains a tri-service effort supporting FMS customers through procurement and maintenance for a wide range of nonstandard and hard to support standard items. In additional to providing critical Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages assets to our customers, PROS V offers a unique contracting vehicle for specialized engineering and technical services through individual task orders.

In close coordination with our highly valued qualified vendor base, S&K Aerospace and PROS V is committed to delivering innovation to propel the PROS Program to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Please read the following three documents prior to registration:

PROS V - Vendor Notification
PROS V - Fixed Price Terms Conditions (Rev 4.0 - 27 Jan 2020)
PROS V - Registration ReadMe (Rev 1.0 - 14 Apr 17)

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