Registration and Quality Survey

Please read the three (3) documents at the bottom of the HOME page prior to registering. They will give you step-by-step information regarding the process.

Ensure all information is filled out completely to expedite registration. This completed Vendor Quality Survey is mandatory for consideration as an approved PROS V Vendor.

Denotes mandatory responses to participate in PROS V as a sub-tier vendor to S&K Aerospace
1. Instructions
Please complete the Registration and Quality Survey to register for PROS V participation. Your completed survey and supporting documentation will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy.

Time - You will not receive an immediate response to your registration. However, an acceptance notification or request for additional information will occur prior to requirements posting to the PROS V Bid Board.

Files - During the registration process, you have the opportunity to upload supporting documentation at the bottom of the screen.
Only Acrobat ( PDF) and Excel ( XLS/XLSX) files are acceptable.
Include the following as applicable:
  • SBA Certification
  • ISO Certificate
  • Repair Station Certificate
  • 3rd Party Certifications
  • Repair Capabilities List
  • OEM Authorization Letters
  • USG Engineering Source Authority
  • Previous USG Qualifications
Users - Currently, only company registration is allowed. Once your company is successfully registered, additional users can be added individually to allow specific username and password access to the Vendor Portal.
2. Basic Company Information
3. Business Description
4. Quality Manager
5. USG Experience
6. Facilities Clearance
7. Additional Capabilities
8. Shipments
9. Quality
10. Distributors
11. Sub-Tier Monitoring
12. Non-OEM Manufacturers
13. Repair Facilities
Acrobat and Excel Only
Upload Supporting Documentation

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